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We produce and deliver for decades to OEM-companies in the commercial, defence and aerospace market. Our specialists like to develop together with you from the beginning.

If you want to deliver top quality, you have the breath QUALITY 24 hours a day.

VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS is constantly optimizing its processes. We are certified for multiple disciplines, being audited by our customers.

The company continues to make constant investments in new technologies and training of our staff.
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VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS has been founded in 1957 by the famous industrial and shipbuilder Cornelis Verolme with the purpose to build the electrical wiring and cabinets for his own shipyards, oil tankers and aircraft carriers. With the decline of the Dutch shipyards in the late seventies VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS had to find new markets on its own.

Since 1979 VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS started to produce the electrical systems for tanks and infantry fighting vehicles such as the Leopard 2 MBT.

Since 2013 we are part of the Austrian group of companies the “Raytech Group”  with multiple production facilities and warehouses throughout the globe which strengthens our power in logistics, production purchasing capabilities.
When entering the Raytech Group, we has made a new step in repositioning and  expansion of the company.

Harness Production

VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS can support you in the development, prototyping, production, certification, laser marking, inkjet marking and testing of all your cable assemblies, wiring and electro mechanical subassemblies. 

As a supplier for the industrial, defence and aerospace market, we are familiar with all the quality demands and certifications. We are equipped with all the necessary tools and machinery to find a cost-effective solution for every requirement. From prototyping, to small series to mass production; VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS is your partner

VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS can design the best solution for your demands based upon your wish list using existing software, cable and connectors.

based on your design, we can produce a proto type for you based upon the requirements. Afterwards this can be fully tested in our test facility.

Our experienced, well-educated and certified production team is capable of delivering as well prototypes as series of over 1000 pieces. We have the right tooling for every job, so we can produce any quantity in an economically and cost effective way.

Cable types

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Cable trees


System cables


Coaxial cables

power-cable (1)

Power cables

battery (1)

Battery cables


Adapter cables

plug (1)

Radio signal cables


Internal wiring

wire (1)

Cables with or without screen

wire (2)

Grounding lead

Quality control

Our job is performed by manual labour; therefore we continue to make constant investments in new technologies and training of our staff.

Our experienced and knowledgeable personnel combined with our well-equipped production facility and motivated staff, make sure that we can always deliver you good functional product.

Quality at VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS is not just a phrase, it is a philosophy being part of our daily business.

The policy of this is secured in our quality management system. We are ISO 9001:2015, AQAP 2120:2009 certified. Besides this our staff and personnel is trained and certified according to the IPC/WHMA-A-620A, de standard for wiring and cables harness production.

Since 2017 we are certified by the German Bundeswehr according to the VG96927 type C.


Some examples of projects in which VEROLME ELEKTRA SYSTEMS is involved.

Leopard I and II main battle tank

PzH2000 self-propelled howitzer

M113 & YPR tracked infantry fighting vehicle

M109 howitzer

Fennek wheeled armoured vehicle

Dardo Hitfist tracked infantry fighting vehicle

Mobat mobile airtillery

CV90 armoured combat vehicle

Boxer multi-role armoured vehicle

Fuchs armoured personell carier

Kodiak armoured engineer vehicle

Bushmaster infantry mobility vehicle

For all these projects we still can deliver spare parts.

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